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Every Man a Filmmaker, Kevin Smith offers his fans a chance to make films

Have you ever dreamed of making a film, but felt as if Hollywood would never give you a chance? Well now is your opportunity to release the film that you have dreamed of releasing! Last night at Sundance, director and actor Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, and Chasing Amy) premiered his newest film, Red State. However, that wasn’t the news that shook the foundation of the movie industry forever. He unleashed to the world a new distribution model that he promises to share with the world. Kevin Smith has been plugging his movie by using his own podcast network, SModcast, and this model was such a success that he filled both of his screenings for Sundance and tickets were going on sale via scalpers for as much as $1000.

After the movie premiered he made a couple of announcements that were both shocking and inspiring. He has decided to self-distribute his newest film by going on a U.S. Tour with the film, and showing it across the nation one screen at a time. At every screening he has promised to take memorabilia from his films and to do one of his famous Q&As after each of the screenings. All of this leads up to the wide-release of his film on October 19th, the 17th Anniversary of his first film Clerks. Smith has also promised to make this whole transparent and will release how much he makes off of this revolutionary process so that others may emulate it. The news does not end there, however, because he also announced that he will be releasing his final movie Hit Somebody, and after that will release films created by the fans themselves under the SModcast Pictures banner. Even if you aren’t a fan and don’t plan on trying to get a picture made by SModcast Pictures this should still be great news for any aspiring filmmaker, because this will be the one of the first films that will be released and plugged using only the internet and new media such as podcasts. Get ready for a revolution Hollywood, because now every man can become a king.


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  1. irevamp
    May 15, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Great news. I just wish it had been written with some hyperbole. 😉

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